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Black Seed Oil

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  • Be good to your skin. You’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life. Cleopatra who is renowned for her beauty used Black Seed Oil as one the key ingredients for her beautiful skin.

  • Health is wealth; so let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Black Seed Oil stimulates your immune system to restrict illnesses and disease.

  • The Energy of the mind is the essence of life. Black seed oil is a good sleep inducer and effective to treat insomnia. It’s also able to stimulate the body’s energy and assists in recovery from fatigue or dispiritedness

  • Don’t let Allergy Season get you down. Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties of Thymoquinone, help to reduce swelling and deliver detoxifying effects controlling allergic reactions and offering symptomatic relief.


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16.9 fl.oz (500ml), 8.5 fl.oz (250ml)


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  2. It is great for the digestive system. I feel like it has improved my sleep. It has improved my general health. It would be amazing if it came in glass botthe instead of the current plastic ones.

  3. I used to use another brand but found I like this one better. It does not burn my throat going down like the other did. To me, it seems cleaner. I also feel this works better for some issues I tend to have. I actually feel more energized with Vitalute and I’m almost positive it has helped with my heavy menstruations (sorry if that grosses anyone out).

  4. like it !!!

  5. Love this this black seed oil!!
    I take a teaspoon morning and night. I have not had a cold or flu since I have started taking it! This is awesome because had all kinds of coworkers around me who were suffering from both.
    I am an esthetician so I also love it as topical moisturizer
    It keeps my skin health and glowing and seems to lighten and keep pigmentation and breakouts from happening. So win win on all of the benefits!!
    Also worked on my sisters stomach Issues and chronic constipation literally over night
    Fabulous black seed oil! Thank you

  6. I am fascinated by the reviews of this product. Although I have tried BlackSeed oil in the past, from another brand, I am more than excited to give this one a try.

  7. Fast arrival my kids and I take this everyday to aid in our immune system. Takes some getting used to swallowing oil but the benefits weight more than the taste. Will be purchasing again.

  8. I have now almost finished my first bottle. I’ve noticed two significant benefits: 1. Increased energy and 2 Improvement in various long standing skin problems. I also like the flavor of this oil. I highly recommend.

  9. There is nothing I dislike about this product. Even the taste is great. I have Fibromyalgia and noticed a significant decrease in my back pain after one dosage. I also slept more soundly. I could not wait to take it again the next night. Every morning felt like Christmas. I could not wait to see how much better I would feel. I also have a cavity under a bridge, which needs to be removed. Occasionally, when something sweet gets under it, I experience pain. I noticed that since I started swishing the oil around my mouth before swallowing, I had not experienced any pain. I am currently out and can not wait to get my hands on another bottle!!

  10. Hi, I purchased this Blackseed oil by Vitalute appoximately one month ago and I absolutely love it!!! I’ve tried two other brands before trying Vitalute’s brand, and by far, it is the best. It has a very strong peppery taste, which is what I was looking for. I take it once on an empty stomach in the morning, and again before bedtime. I feel AMAZING!!!! I’m placing another order after posting this review. Thanks VITALUTE!

  11. Vitalute Health black seed oil has help my arthritis pain. I have told everyone I know about the anti inflammation qualities.

  12. It gives me energy and helps my digestive system.

  13. I bought the oil in the 16oz. plastic bottle. It works great and I am very please to see that it is now available in a glass bottle with virtually very little to no ‘premium’ on top of the former price. I will order again.

  14. I have tried different brands of black seed oil and this is by far the most effective one. This is actually my second time purchasing it and I would repurchase it.

  15. JUST LOVE IT..❤️

  16. My search has ended……thank God.
    I’ve heard about black seed oil and the good job it has done for others. I did my research, I went on YouTube and then on Amazon. I have read reviews on other black seed oil but decided to buy Vitalute Health Black Seed Oil. I’m so happy I did. I suffered from irregular spots due to fibroids. I started taking this twice per day, morning on an empty stomach and at nights when I’m going to bed. Then I reduced it to once per day and that’s in the morning. I’ve also decided to finish the oil before making a review as I needed to see how it works during the period of time. I’m super excited to know that I can make a review to say that the irregular spots is no longer there. I’m so comfortable and happy with myself as the misery is out of my life. I will also do other checks to discover other positive results. Vitalute Health Black Seed Oil will always be in my cabinet

  17. I have purchased 3 different brands of black seed oils over the last 5 months and this one is by far the most mild tasting. This is the second bottle of this brand I have purchased. This black seed oil works just as well as the second brand I purchased (which was the number one recommended on You tube). I have read a few reviews on this black seed oil that say that because it does not have a strong taste that it does not work. I feel those are reviews are incorrect. My blood pressure is still down over 15 points and I feel great. I take a teaspoon in the morning and one at night. My c-reactive protein levels are in the average range for the first time in 5 years. So I feel this Black Seed oil has helped reduce my inflammation levels a lot. So if you would like a Black Seed oil that is not super strong tasting and works great go with this one.

  18. I have been taking this black seed oil for 60 days. Black seed has been great for building my immune system. I have tried many black seed oils, but I was really impressed with this one. Not only is the product great it is also well packaged. Most black seed oils comes in glass, but I prefer this plastic squeeze bottle more. I will definitely purchase again.

  19. It’s working how it should and I would highly recommend!

  20. Since I am sensitive to supplements and things like this Black Seed oil, my body feels the effects at a quick rate. I put it in my coffee and already feel better! I have an old ankle injury that swells up when the weather is rainy or really humid. After drinking 1/2 a teaspoon in my coffee, my ankle’s swelling went away!

    This will be apart of my lifelong regimen for preventative health! Thank you for making this oil Vitalute! 😀

  21. Great stuff ! I absolutely love this.

  22. First time user of this product, very pleased

  23. My son had so many sores on his arms, legs and head. I bought this product hoping it would help. Seems to have made a wold of difference. He’s down to just a couple of sores. I have also used it on my husband’s eczema. While it isn’t gone completely it made a huge difference. A little goes a long way!

  24. I just gave a review that I hadn’t noticed any health improvements since I started taking the oil 3 weeks ago. I just realized I think there is an improvement in my neuropathy,

  25. Consider this BSO as liquid gold because it gives me energy. I drink 1 teaspoon of this liquid gem after drinking a cup of water first thing in the morning and I am ready to conquer my day.

  26. A family member tried this product and recommended it to my father. He loves it and says that black seed oil has improved his overall health. I’m reordering for him and trying one for myself as well.

  27. Item arrived on time, packaged very well with seals for guaranteed freshness. The oil is premium quality. I take 1 tsp twice a day and use topically. Has done wonders for my skin! I WILL by over and over again! Thank you Vitalute Health!

  28. The quality of Vitalute is excellent! Tired others, color and quality not as good. I take my Vitalute with organic apple cider vinegar and a splash of water, tastes great and extra healthy. That makes a great salad dressing as well. When taking B S Oil your skin is not as dry and feels softer even with the cold northern weather. So healthy and you can tell that vitalute cares about quality. This is the only brand I’m buying now. Started putting on my hand for more moisturizer and fading sun damage. Vitalute BSO is my go to every day! Russ

  29. I truly appreciate this product. I have been healing a skin condition for the last 3 years, and it is rare to find something that feels good on my skin AND aids the inflammation. I have experimented with many manufacturers of Black Seed Oil, all of them sourcing from different parts of the world, and I find this one to be my favorite thus far! I am someone who takes natural medicine/herbal medicine very seriously, as I believe we can truly heal ANYTHING our bodies fall ill to if we give it what it needs. With that being said, I love what Vitalute does for my skin and my deep commitment to healing. Thank you for work!!

  30. Its been about 3 weeks of using the oil. I mix it with some tea and lemon in the morning. My energy has definitely increased! I’ve lost a few pounds. My sister is diabetic and she has been using the oil, her A1C has decreased and her neuropathy has improved in conjunction with her insulin regime.

  31. The best I’ve tried hands up. I’ve been taking it twice a day Better sleep more energy and my skin is glowing. I usually have gut problem but the black seed oil gets the job done. Thank you VITALUTE

  32. Arrived on time. Smells and taste great. I will buy it again.

  33. It is a real taste of black seedand fast delivery, worth for the money that you spend. I will buy it again and again.

  34. It will be a month Sunday, October 28, 2017 since I started using the Vitalute Health Black Seed Oil, and I must say that this is the best black seed oil that I have ever taken. I wanted to give it a month before reviewing but a couple of weeks of taking it, I could see improvement in my hair, skin and nails. I take a spoonful with breakfast and dinner. My sleep has improved tremendously and I have noticed a great decrease in my appetite which has helped me to lose a couple of pounds in two weeks. I can’t wait to see what other positive effects I will get from taking this oil, it also has a pleasant taste which is better than others that I have taken in the past. I can honestly say that this stuff is great. I will continue to use this product indefinitely!!

  35. The oil has been a very pleasant surprise for both my wife and I in energy level, her hair being more vibrant and skin looks better as well. Would recommend it.

  36. Black Seed Oil usually tastes very bitter and nasty, not this one. Love how easy it is to take. The benefits are great. I have seen remarkable recovery times from friends that have had major problems which doctors medicines were not having much of an affect. With BSO results could be seen in as little as a few weeks.

  37. It tastes like other good organic black seed oils so it is good. I use it for nausea relief and anti-inflamatory supplement. Also for my skin to treat rashes. It works. Will buy again.

  38. This is an all in one health helper.
    Asthma, Allergies and Inflammation.
    I take this in the morning and evening. It helps with muscle soreness and I can also breathe better after exercising. My family has a history of heart disease and this helps me get started, this helps me breathe better and reduces stress for my asthma to stay at a minimum and I have noticed my recovery is a lot better. I’m in my med 40’s and this does help a lot.
    I don’t mix it with anything but it has a earthy oil herbal taste i don’t mind.
    If I could grow this in backyard I would.
    It’s a must have for a healthier life.

  39. I enjoyed Vitalute Health Black Seed Oil. I take by mouth and also on my skin. my skin was was a little rough. but after applying the oil its smoother than a baby’s tush…

  40. I have been taking this for almost two weeks and the pain in my knee has stopped hurting. It seemed like the arthritis that I fight off in my hip was now going to my knee and had been hurting for a couple of months and the hip pain I’ve been fighting for two years. Already in that short time the knee pain has stopped and my hip joint has less pain than before. My stamina in my walks has greatly improved and I am walking a lot further than I was before. The oil tastes like it should, sort of peppery and it gives me no upset stomach nor do I burp it up or have any lingering after taste. I am happy I chose this product and give it high marks.

  41. Product is packed in a great bottle which limits light to the oil because over-exposure to light could make the oil go rancid. The oil has a mild taste which is a testament to the quality of the oil. Excellent product

  42. Great product and fast delivery!

  43. Did not realize that this is actually cumin oil, but have noticed a positive difference since I started using it!

  44. Great product. Skin and hair are improved. Helps with sleep and appetite control. Lots of great research on this product.

  45. I was having trouble with my asthma. I took prednisone to help relive it but no luck, I continued having problems for almost a month and then saw a YouTube video saying black seed oil helps relive asthma symptoms and it really worked!!! I took it daily for a week and my asthma symptoms were gone!! I was skeptical about this but I decided to give it a try and I’m really glad I did! This oil is amazing!

  46. Wonderful, noticed changes the following day. I have already recommended this and purchased this for another. Did not have the extreme foul taste from a less quality version.

  47. I have now tried this black seed oil product for about three weeks. I have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and chronic tendonitis. In September I had hired some people to help me move some things from my apartment into storage to downsize my living space. I knew in advance that it would probably be very physically taxing, based on my history of the past 16 years. Quite surprisingly, I had far less pain and fatigue, and far better recovery than I had anticipated. Ten years ago I would have been devastated with the level of activity I exerted. I still needed to recover. I still needed a lot of extra sleep, but overall, I had much improved reactive symptoms compared to recent years. While this is not a clinical test, I will continue to take this oil and see how I do. I had read that the taste was difficult for some people. I did not find it to be at all unpleasant. It has a distinctive taste, but it is not bad to me at all.

  48. Great product! So easy to take. I will be keeping this a part of my wellness regimen. Thank you Vitalute Health.

  49. After hearing Chris Wark talking about this product and how it helps stop cancer cells from metastasizing, I wanted to try it. I’ve been taking it every evening for about a week, and my pain has decreased and it has helped me to have a regular bowel movement.
    I take a full tablespoon right after dinner, and slowly “sip” it, as it is very strong! I’m very satisfied with this product and I would recommend it to those looking for an oil of exceptional quality.

  50. My mom and I have been taking a tsp of this Black seed oil daily for a week and the results have been extraordinary. She’s a diabetic and her blood sugar numbers are regulating. And she has no more complaints of inflammation. It has also curbed my appetite. Loving the results, it’s a wonderful product!

  51. Have been using black seed powder for some
    Time,taking one tablespoon nightly has
    Resolved my problem of constipation and
    Does seem to ease the pain of my achy
    Joints.I would definitely recommend it to others.

  52. This product is an excellent addition to your health regimen. I use it twice daily for weight loss and to boost my immune system. One of the best products out there!

  53. So glad I found this & very pleased with the brand. I’ve already made some of the recommended recipes that were suggested from the company. I plan on purchasing more as gifts

  54. My first time trying Black Seed Oil and I like it very much. I don’t know if it’s the brand or if it all works so well. Within days after I started using the product I noticed remarkable differences the most prominent of which was increased energy. I will continue using the product for sure. Although, my Chiropractor cautioned me yesterday that while Black Seed Oil is efficacious I should use cautiously and not exceed dosages because it can also cause liver damage. Do your research but this is an excellent product.

  55. I have heard a lot about black seed oil, it was even recommended to me. until I saw the youtube vid by E.S. and how she raved about black seed oil i considered her recommendation. I am glad i considered this brand. I do not know about any other brand but this here is gold. everyone should have black seed oil in there pantry.

  56. I did not notice much of a difference.

  57. I have been using black seed oil for a few months now, this is a great product for my diabetes. If I feel my sugar rise I take a dose of this, it immediately works in lowering it. It also helps me with joint pain. Haven’t had any knee pain with black seed oil. It does however take a little time, but not that long. Just take it everyday. Would purchase this again.

  58. It tastes fake. Not a strong bitter taste like it should be. I had other black seed oils and this taste nothing like them. Don’t let the label deceive you.

  59. The black seed oils from Vitalute are amongst the best on earth. I am an internationalist and connoisseur of black seed oils.

  60. I felt an immediate boost of energy and noticed I lost some weight too. My main goal is to boost my immune system. I’m going to try it for a few more months to see if it helps as I always get sick in the winter months. So far so good however.

  61. In searching for other health products and benefits, I came across a reference for black seed oil. I’d never heard of it. Out of curiosity, I began to search for further info and reviews, which led me finally ordering Vitalute.

    I have not been disappointed at all! Taste is almost undetectable when taken with juice. I’ve only been taking it for about three weeks, and I’ve noticed improvement in several areas of concern: skin, hair, nails, energy. Will definitely keep using it!

  62. I have been using Vitalute black seed oil for about a week. I have noticed that it’s helping me with digesting foods better. It also suppresses my appetite which has been helping me to lose weight. Great product!

  63. I was a little sceptical but decided to try this product out. Many great reviews, I have used this product for about 3 weeks and have noticed more energy and stomache issues have been better. Blood pressure also has improved.

  64. Yes

  65. Great product, Best Black seed oil yet as far as the bottle, Easy to dispense in the spoon, Love the black plastic bottle don’t have to worry about breakage. Haven’t noticed much of a after taste so easy to take. Best Black seed oil yet will always buy this brand.Thx Vitalute.

  66. Skin feels great and keeps me regular. I definitely notice when I forget to take it in the morning. Add it to juice and it’s very drinkable.

  67. Bought another brand before some research, found this product superior to others. I take internally also any that spill i rub on hair or face. my wife have neuropathy i massage her feet with this black seed oil mixed with essential oils , she is sleep before i’am finished. Great Product!!

  68. Purchased Black Seed Oil from other suppliers as well. This company supplies the same quality with lower price. Highly recommend it.

  69. Purchased the Vitalute Health Black Seed oil after some research, upon recommendation that we begin to utilize such a product, by my husband. Found this product on Amazon & received it the next day after purchasing it thanks to my Prime membership. We have been using the oil (both externally & internally) for approximately 3 weeks and I am pleasantly pleased. I like the way my skin glows and how my body feels after use. I noticed the results immediately & will continue to use the product.

  70. I haven’t used it very long but it’s already made my skin more soft and clear. It has a strong smell, kind of like tea tree oil, so I haven’t drank any yet but so far I am happy with my order.

  71. Since I took this oil I feel better, my skin feels soft and moisturized, Excellente delivery on time

  72. Organic, rich, pure Black Seed Oil. A little goes a long way. Discover Vitalute!

  73. I purchased the product to help with constipation issues as well as weight control. After taking for only a few days, I saw positive results. The product also came with an e-book of recipes which is helpful since pure black seed oil does not have a pleasant taste.

  74. This is my first time trying any black seed oil product. I am very happy with this product. The oil has a very pure taste and seams to be of top quality. I have been taking a 2oz shot every morning for 2 weeks now and it seams to give me more energy for hours after taking. I am diabetic and have noticed since taking my blood sugar levels have been more consistent. I will keep taking daily and looking forward to some of the other many health benefits of black seed oil. I will be ordering this product again .

  75. Made me vomit. Nasty taste

  76. After three days of using black seed oil I notice of better long straight sleep and wake up refresh, especially my long being headache starts to decrease. I am glad of what I’ve found!

  77. I’m a first time user of this brand. I was a little reluctant as i was unfamiliar with the company. I decided later to good for it I’m so glad i took the leap. This Black Seed Oil is Awesome! I waited a month to write the review. After a few days i started to feel the positive affects. Less pain and more sleep is exactly what i was hoping for. I will most certainly order this brand going forward. Thanks Vitalute Health!

  78. It’s a bit too early to tell but I purchased from this company because of the good reviews here. I like the taste of this oil better than others I have tried ..I think the value is good too. I like how the seller also includes uses and instructions. I will post more in a month or so!

  79. I must say I didn’t think this product was not going to work. But I must say that this is a great black seed oil. This oil help me with pain in my back Immediately . I highly recommend this product .

  80. I waited a month before writing a review to see if i would see or feel anything different. I have noticed my pain on my left side has gone down alot. I was experiencing bad pains that went from my right butt cheek to my hip and upper thigh, shooting pains mostly when i laid down to sleep, I would wake up from the pain in the middle of the night. This is the only thing I took everyday and i am able to sleep well, I have very little pain now. I look forward to more of this product’s health benefits.

  81. I have never wrote a review. This is my very first, this product has unexpected results. I actually bought this for my 11yr old son due to his asthma. I started to take it myself to ensure that it was a safe product before giving it to him. I noticed after 2 days that I was not stiff or aching after sitting at my desk at work for hours, which I would always get stiff. But the biggest thing is after taking a teaspoon a day for 2 days my appetite was cut in half. At first I didn’t really notice it, until I started becoming fuller a lot quicker. I thought something was wrong with me because it can’t be the black seed oil. It must be a coincidence so I stopped taking it for 24 hours and I my regular appetite came back. So I started back taking it & noticed after taking a few bites of food I would get really full. I still was skeptical, like whatever, I do not work out at all, I was thinking this is just a fluke. Until I got on the scale, I couldn’t believe it, in 2 weeks I am down 4 pounds without working out. I now plan on finally using my gym membership, because if I lost 4 pounds without working out, I know I could loose a lot more if I included a workout regime. I take 1 teaspoon of black seed oil in first thing in the morning and 1 teaspoon in the afternoon around 5pm. I do still get hungry but I can’t eat as much food as I use too, I get too full very quickly.

  82. The product was recommended to me by a friend of mine after I told her my problem with sleep and feeling always at loss of energy. It’s still to early to be hopeful myself, but I’ve already seen a boost in energy. Feeling great and also a lot more relaxed.

  83. This black seed oil is magical and of great quality. Within 24 to 48 hrs it healed a fungus i had on my fingers.
    Also felt numerous positive changes in other areas. And looking forward to even more…
    Moreover when I use it on my face, it completely obsorbs into my skin rather than staying oily and giving me breakouts.
    The peppery taste diminishes by day 2 of taking it orally. This product from vitalute is a keeper and will be definitely my lifetime miracle product.

  84. Beware it is definitely bitter. Tried it in a few dishes and most of the time taste it all day afterwards. However it keeps me feeling full longer. I am on day 4 and at night I seem to be falling asleep and staying asleep which I wasn’t doing before. I wake up more refreshed than I did before so that’s cool. I am just taking 1 teaspoon right now. Definitely don’t need more then that because of how strong the flavor is. It also seems to be helping my digestion.

    I found this morning this stuff works well with the green superfoods like spirulina and chlorella. 🙂
    Worth trying.

  85. Only been taking it for two days it is already working by cleaning me out I normally don’t go for 2 days because of the meds I’m taking I’ve already gone twice in one day great product THANKS VITALUTE HEALTH!!!!

  86. I put this on my face at night and it makes my skin glow… I also rub it on my scalp and have lots of new hair growth! Folks complain about the taste and smell, but I think it is peppery and actually like it! one thing that I like about this product versus other black seed oil that I’ve purchased is the bottle. As simple and sill as it sounds, the small hole/squeeze bottle functionality just works better than the typical wider mouth bottles.

  87. This black seed oil is of great quality. Will be ordering in the future.


  89. I am very happy with this product. I feel a difference already, especially with resting at night and energy during the day. I ordered this product a couple days ago and I received it the next day, that was AWESOME. I WILL BE REORDERING

  90. The taste was a little too bitter for me, however as a skin treatment, I feel it has really helped the overall condition of my skin. As antifungal treatment, I especially like how it has helped the health of my feet and toenails.

  91. Absolutely top quality! I did quite a bit of research before buying and Vitalute Health produces this product in the best way possible.



  93. good product

  94. my husband and I like the product a lot!!! It soothes my sinuses and I would recommend this product to my family and friends.

  95. This product is awesome. No more colds or throat infections since I started using this product. It clears up mucus my chest and throat. Goes down smoothly with fresh squeezed orange juice. I’ve recommended it to my entire family. Finally something that actually works.

  96. I’ve used Blackseed oil before and it has help in many ways. My level of energy have increased and a friend of mine have been healed of sciatic pain after only 3 days of consuming this product.

  97. I bought black seed oil because of my prostate cancer.Many have told me that black seed oil have stopped the progress of their cancer. I have not had labs since i been taking this oil but, i hope it work. I do see hair grow in my thinning hair. i will post update with time.

  98. Wonderful product!!! USE DAILY!!!!

  99. Love the spicy nutty black seed oil and it is an amazing cure for all illness. I’m astonished that everyone doesn’t take it. This will put the drug industry out if business!

  100. This product is very good and high quality. I started taking this and within the first week I could feel the benefits.

  101. I wanted to wait till I have used the bottle halfway, to leave a review, as sometimes, the product tastes/works great the first time, and then subsequently you get to see it for what it really is.
    I am happy to report that this was a great purchase, worth the $, & it really works! I am familiar with the benefits of Nigella Sativa, & have used a different oil once in the past. I wanted to try it again. And this did not fail to deliver, as it advertises! I am almost *completely* free of seasonal allergies / sneezing / runny nose, & that is saying something! I have 2 tbsp of this daily. I feel healthier and more energetic.
    I am waiting to see if this wards off cold/flu too. I have been using this for about a month and a half now, and have not caught any kind of viral yet (although not sure if it is summer, and that is the reason)

    I will leave another f/u review, for when flu season is in full swing, which is gonna be about in a month!

    Overall, 5 stars, & would highly recommed people to try this anti-inflammatory/natural steroid oil (with ZERO side effects, as tried & tested)

  102. Great product, definitely would buy again. Seems that the quality is good, and so is the packaging. Only downfall is that that is tends to drip down the side after pouring.

  103. Vitalute Health Black Seed Oil – 16oz – Organic, Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin, Premium Oil. Everything as the seller described. Smells good 🙂 Tastes nice and nutty. E-book was sent even before the item arrived. Time will show if there are health benefits. So far I like it.

  104. I really love this Black seed oil ,all my friends are trying to get me to keep asking me to try it out so I told them I will help them out by showing them how to order, my buddy said his doesn’t taste as good as mine,it’s Incredible

  105. This product is amazing. My whole family has started taking this product as well as friends and co-workers. The most significant change that I have seen is the improvement in digestion and improved sleep. I will continue to buy this product and recommend that anyone that is hesitant should try it for themselves and see how it works for them.

  106. Did some research on which brand of black seed oil was the best. Vitalute Health was one of the top ten brands recommended on several web sites. My order was delivered on time and the bottle was well sealed. I take a teaspoon twice a day with a teaspoon of honey on my tongue to hide the taste. I am still discovering the many benefits but I have notice that I sleep much better at night.

  107. Received my black seed oil today! The shopping was very quick and the oil smells and tastes very clean.

    Will be updating review after I’ve taken this supplement for a month.

  108. Have never tried Black Seed Oil (BSO) before and was worried about the taste . . . no more! I LOVE the peppery smell and slight tingle it leaves on my tongue . . . and that’s taking it in pure state. If you currently mix cayenne pepper/lemon in your water, it’s a very similar sensation . . . also reminds me of arugula. I anticipate this being very yummy mixed with a bit of honey or in a smoothie. Delivery was as promised and packaging prevented any spills/leaks. Thank you!

  109. I started taking this product few days after receiving it. The first few days was after my lunch, wanted to make sure I take it with food as the label says. I noticed that I was going to the bathroom (diarrhea) a lot. I continued on taking it thinking it was cleaning my system. Then I finally saw my friend that recommended this product and she told me to start taking it right after waking up in the morning and with honey. No more frequent visits to the bathroom after that. First I noticed that my blood pressure reading was going down (yes I have been taking hypertension pills for more than 10 years). It was like better than normal even though after being active and doing some cleaning around the house the reading stayed better than normal. It was becoming so low and that I stopped taking my hypertension pills for at least 6 days (I know without consulting my doctor) and the reading was normal without the hypertension pills. I have noticed too that I have more energy and sleeping better. I am hoping to see more benefits before at least finishing the first bottle. So far I am happy with this purchase.

  110. My wife several months ago suggested we start taking this black seed oil daily for health reasons, especially me since I started having issues with my joints and hips (Polio victim of the 50’s) and have RA and bad sinus. She did the research and soon we started taking a teaspoon of the Vitalute Black seed oil twice a day for 8-10 weeks now and I can attest to several things, the joint pain has subsided, especially the hips, I no longer take sinus medicine (this has been about a month now and do have slight flare ups, but they go away quickly) and I am able to work around the house and do things for longer periods of time (stamina increase) than I have in several years. This helps immensely since I have five acres to care for plus mowing and weed eating around sixty trees, pond, pool, barn, garden and flower beds. And as an unexpected benefit, my grandson came over, borrowed some of the oil and now uses it to shave with, loves it and will be by soon for more. I know what he is getting for Christmas:) And my wife, she is now back into doing her projects and doing those painting projects I hate, cooking healthy and taking care of our three dogs.

  111. Great product. Since I began taking it my mold allergy seems to be almost gone. I do sleep better. Will continue to purchase this product.

  112. I believe this is grate

  113. I enjoy for what it is doing for me. there are benefits, i’m sure, that I don’t even know about yet. I plan to keep on buying this product.

  114. Great seller started using the oil today not the best tasting so I mixed it in my smoothie.

  115. The taste isn’t strong which is good. We take it in the morning. We will purchase again.

  116. Good product but it came open, I tried a little anyway and it’s legit. Will order more, I’m not going to let one bad bottle stop me from ordering from a good company.

  117. This is great black seed oil, more potent than the previous oil I was purchasing and cheaper too, will be purchasing again before I run out

  118. Great product at a great price. Will continue to purchase in future

  119. First time using black seed oil. Taste is pretty high quality, and clean to me. I take a dose in the AM and PM. Will order again.

  120. Seems to be of good quality and not that Dark Motor Oil stuff. We will comment later on the effects and benefits we experienced later on.

  121. Absolutely love the product!

  122. Just started using it so far so good.

  123. I have been taking black seed oil for several months. When I don’t take it i can tell a difference. This company is awesome. It’s the first one who gives you recepies for how to use it. It taste great and was packaged very well.

  124. It looks like this oil decreases venous nodes from the leg of my wife. Also, pain in walking slightly decreased and, as a result, she feels better upon using this wonderful oil. Thank you!

  125. I’ve used this product for two weeks. I used to have phlegm in my throat, throughout the day. Adding this product has been the only change to my daily detox and I no longer have that problem. It curbs my appetite and I am not as tired in the evenings. I will definitely purchase this again!

  126. I have been using it on my hair and taking it internally. I feel an increase of energy and my hair loves it! great price for the amount. I will definitely buy it again.

  127. A friend has been taking black seed oil and his grey hair is gone! I’m just starting and have high hopes. The taste is a little like oregano oil, but not nearly as strong. I don’t mind the taste.

  128. First time tryin black seed oil and I was very skeptical about the tatse because it was the major complaint by most people I took a teaspoon of vitalute health and I could at least stand it weird it made my mood a little better within 5 mins don’t know if that was a one time thing but I will be finding out as I plan on taking daily

  129. Who would’ve thought, amazon to have anything and everything! I’ve been searching far and wide for something with black seed in it. Lo and behold, came across this wonderful little/pretty large bottle of black seed oil! I can’t see enough good things! I put this on everything! I even use it as a moisturizer!

  130. As expected, good customer service… love it. About to order again!!!

  131. The taste of this oil is the best I’ve had so far. I have noticed this oil is yellow/gold in color, very similar to the color of olive oil. Not sure if that’s good or bad. I’ve been taking a tablespoon mixed with juice to help clear my skin, but this brand does not seem as effective as the last brand I was using, which was a brown kalonji oil. I wanted to switch to this brand because of the safe plastic and the company seemed reputable to me. I will give it another week to see if my skin improves, otherwise I’ll look somewhere else.

  132. i love this product

  133. I have been taking this product and I have no complaints. I works just fine for me and I will continue to keep using it. If your looking for a black seed oil this one is a great one to try. You won’t be sorry!

  134. I wish I would have known about this product years ago! I had a holistic doctor recommend that I use this for some of the issues I was having while recovering from a parasite infection. She told me that I should continue to make this a part of my daily ongoing health regimine.
    After only two weeks of use I started to see tremendous results.
    My hair started to feel so much less dried out. My skin has always been dry even with lotion but has since become “normal”. I have had tinea visicolor all of my life on and off. I could usually clear it up but had not been able to recently. But after a couple of weeks of using this daily… boom no more tinea visicolor! On top of all of this my digestion has become normal again (this was huge especially because of the parasite infection). I could not get back on track but thanks to the BSO all is good now. My energy levels are spot on now also! This was almost immediate. I am the only one in the office now not complaining about being tired and worn out. So you know I have turned them all into using this also!
    I have tried so many different natural supplements over the years but have to say that this has given me so many great benefits! It blows my mind to know that I have been on the search for relief for years and all along it was in this little black bottle!
    It does taste a little strange but you get used to it after a few uses. I even kind of like it now. Haha

  135. I can tell the difference in just a few days. Been feeling better and lively the past few days. Will keep this in stock at my house.

  136. I took two doses of this product and I started noticing the difference. My knees started feeling better and I had more energy.

  137. Great product,awesome quality I will buy it again!!! thank you guys!

  138. We have used black seed oil in the past, but the quality of the Vitalute Health Black Seed Oil is remarkable. The taste is so much better and it looks purer. We are very pleased.

  139. Fast shipping. Better than expected results on skin and hair.

  140. I have been using black seed oil after reading an article which discussed black seed oil for arthritis in the knee. I have been rubbing my knee 3x a day for 5 days now and feeling a lot less pain. I also take it internally and I feel really good. Can’t say that it works for everyone however worth a try.

  141. I’ve tried several brands before and Vitalute compares very well: a smooth rather tasty oil with a bit of a kick; I love it. This brand, Vitalute, is somewhat less expensive than another top brand I like, so I will be buying Vitalute again to save a few bucks.

  142. Very satisfied with the product, it’s taste, quality and packaging. My family and I are trying to switch to healthier eating habits so the fact that the oil was organic was a deal breaker for me. Oil comes in a bootle with a nice cap that makes it easy to consume without any mess. Product also comes with a beautifully designed e-book that provides recipes and serving suggestions. Great experience overall.
    I will definitely order from these guys again.

  143. I read other reviews about Black Seed Oil regarding the taste. I was sceptical about ordering. Well I’m here to say, I was pleasantly surprised with this product. It doesn’t taste bad at all. I take a teaspoon with honey and cinnamon every morning. I can’t attest to how it works yet, so stay tuned.

  144. This is the first time I use black seed oil. I’ve heard a lot about its benefits so I wanted to try it out on my knee, which is often in pain because I have Osgood Schlatter apophysitis). Results are noticeable: on the days I rub the oil onto my knee, it feels a lot better. Unfortunately for me, it doesn’t actually cure me.

  145. Arrived quickly, Oil is dark and fragrant – tastes of cumin..
    Have not taken the product long enough to attest to it’s benefits, yet.

  146. I have been hearing quite a bit about the benefits of black seed oil however, was reluctant to purchase because I thought I would find swallowing straight oil distasteful. I was pleasantly surprised when I started using this. There is an herbal smell and taste but it is not unbearable. I would recommend.

  147. Awesome product, purchased a week ago and have noticed that I have more energy and my skin has cleared up. I haven’t even had to take allergy medication since starting at the daily recommended dose. Great product at a great price

  148. Good product. Milder tasting than some of the others we’ve tried. Nice and clear. Not murky. We got our order fast. No fuss, no muss. I’d order from them again.

  149. great product for a great price. I highly recommend it

  150. It’s a good thing to use daily, I notice it has help clear my skin better and I feel good.

  151. Have been using for a week and has helped a lot with the inflammation in ny foot from an infection/cut. Highly recommend!!

  152. I’ve waited for this for a long time. My wife and I use this in our peppermint tea and herbal teas, and its such a complimentary (magical) combination. It accentuates the qualities of both the tea and black seed oil and adds a great earthy flavor to the tea. If you know anything about black seed oil, the benefits are undeniable and this is the BEST quality we’ve tried so far. The seller provides some books and resources on how to use it if you’re new – so those are super helpful as well. Overall great product, awesome quality, and a seller that’s very passionate about Black Seed Oil.

  153. I’ve been trying supplements, seeds and oils to supplement my diet. This one had an added benefit of increasing my feeling of well being. For what it’s worth I’m eating a tea spoon in the morning. I’ll come back and update as time goes on.

  154. Item was neatly packaged and delivered promptly.
    I’ve never used black seed oil before so I didn’t know what to expect but this product really amazed me. I got it on Monday afternoon, took a teaspoon Monday night then 2 teaspoons on Tuesday. I slept so soundly that Tuesday and woke up today, Wednesday, feeling so refreshed and energized with no pains or aches in any part of the body for the first time in a long time. Also I had a dry cough before I started taking the oil and by Tuesday the cough was gone too as well as the sneezing associated with the seasonal allergies.
    For me it worked like magic and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to strengthen their immune system.This oil is now going to be part of my disease prevention routine.

  155. The product was amaging. Received exactly by the estimated delivery time. Black seed oil cures almost everything. As this product is organic i recomend to use.

  156. Fantastic, good tasting, beautiful colored oil. My hair never looked better!

  157. I really do love this stuff. It has a very distinctive flavor which I love so much. The quality is definitely supreme and very refined. I bought this product not only to ingest for various internal issues but also to treat my wife’s eczema as an external application source.

  158. This product has something for everyone, I mix with a little honey and water and it tastes great, I highly recommend it!

  159. This product is awesome. I use it as a daily intake and used it for my hair.

  160. This black seed oil is great. I find it a bit more mild than other ones but it still has some kick to it. I use it on my skin and I’m seeing great results. I have also used it with the aloe mix and it tastes great. Will buy again.

  161. The best black seed oil I’ve used by far! I recommend to all!

  162. Great product. Great value. Same results as those packaged in glass. Same quality. Smell is a bit stronger.


  164. I’ve been converted! I’ve heard wonderful things about black seed oil and now that I have used it myself (for a week straight so far) I can say it’s incredible. I had this unfortunate prolonged cough for about two months. I went to a doctor, who prescribed antibiotics and a cough syrup. These prescriptions helped the cough go from severe bouts of sleepless nights to annoying little coughs throughout the day. Someone told me to mix honey with black seed oil and after trying it the first night I received this order, I was very impressed. I did not cough a single time the next day – amazing! I can’t begin to stress the annoyance of coughing for two months anywhere and everywhere did to me. Strangers would gawk at me and some kindly offered cough drops (never worked) on the train. After being in a state of awe, I decided to look up all the other benefits taking a daily dose of black seed oil entails. If you haven’t, you should! It helps anything from metabolism, to healthy skin and hair, to being a natural anti-inflammatory. I’ve had an increase in energy as well, which hasn’t gone unnoticed.

    The other amazing thing I wanted to point out is that I’ve had a knee injury for the past 14 years that was recently re-aggravated. I was in so much pain since re-aggravating it. Someone suggested I use the same black seed oil topically on my knee, massaging it in daily a couple of times a day. I’ve been doing this and the pain I was feeling has decreased immensely. I barely felt the pain today at all.

    I’ve tried a previous brand of black seed oil and it left a harsh taste, followed by an even harsher aftertaste. This brand’s oil felt lighter, smoother, and it blended easily with my honey (how I take my daily dose).

    I don’t know why Western medicine hasn’t monopolized on this yet, but I’m glad it hasn’t.

    Proud to be a loyal customer!


  165. Awesome product! Great customer support and service. Thanks Vitalute Health!

  166. This oil is cold pressed and comes in a dark bottle which helps keep light away and helps prevent oxidation. This product is simple and easy to use as the cap has a small opening and you can squeeze out the desired amount of oil and close it back up which makes it convenient especially if you are going to be using it daily. Blackseed oil has many health benefits and it makes for a great addition to a supplement regimen.

  167. As someone who gre up consuming black seeds, this is by far the best black seed (Nigella Sativa) oil we’ve ever tried. Strong, aromatic and pure…. and my kids love it with honey and bread!
    In addition it is Organic, and Non-GMO.
    For a natural superfood, I would suggest changing the bottle to glass though. This would be healthier and more friendly to the environment.

  168. I could never handle the taste before but you could definitely taste the clean difference in this. Love this and looking forward to reaping the health benefits

  169. Good flavor and very clean

  170. I have tried various brands of black seed oil – this is by far the best.

  171. I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!!!!!
    Ok, so my family has been drinking black seed oil for about 7 years now. My kids suffered from strep throat a few times a year and I hated having to constantly give them antibiotics. My pediatrician told me about black seed oil (Nigella Sativa) for prevention so i looked it up and was hooked. Since starting the oil we haven’t been sick in years! I take this stuff EVERYWHERE! I usually buy it from Middle Eastern specialty stores (expensive!) because some brands that i bought on Amazon just didn’t taste right. Well this company got it right! I absolutely love that this is organic and i also love that the company focuses a lot on the QUALITY of their product. Their website has so much information and recipes! I am so happy that I found this black seed oil on Amazon and not have to worry about having to search the specialty stores for it!

  172. I am impressed! The product quality is top notch and goes down very smoothly. For the uninitiated, the free e-book that is included provides really great recipes to maximize the benefits of the oil. I believe it has also helped me get some lights out sleep the last couple of nights. I especially recommend this product to anyone, especially those new to black seed oil.

  173. Taste like authentic black seed oil. The texture is nice.

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