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Black Seed Oil Uses – With Recipes & Dosage
May 27, 2017 Vitalute Health

The incorporation of black seed oil uses in our daily diet chart can provide several benefits and people who are interested in experiencing these benefits should follow proper direction to use this herbal medicine. However, it is advisable to discuss with a medical practitioner before using the black seed oil formulations, as the dosing depends upon individual’s needs. In the following section, we will discuss some effective recipes of black seed oil depending upon the disease conditions.

3 Featured Recipes:

Inflammation + Gut Health – *Best Tasting*Aloe Vera, black seed oil, honey

Add One (1) teaspoon of Black Seed Oil, Two (2) teaspoons of Pure Aloe Vera Juice, and One (1) teaspoon of pure honey. Mix and enjoy. Take Daily for general health and gut health.

Weight LossCinnamon, Black Seed Oil, Water, Honey

Half a cup of luke warm water, One (1) teaspoon of Black Seed Oil, One (1) teaspoon of cinnamon, and One (1) tablespoon of Honey. Take twice a day to overcome obesity, along with diet management. (Click here for more on Weight Loss)

Restful SleepMilk, Dates, Black Seed Oil

Take a teaspoon of Black seed oil with half cup milk (Almond/Coconut/Cow), and 3 pitted dates. Mix with blender and enjoy after dinner for a perfect sleep. (Click here for more on Restful Sleep)

Other Recipes:

Skin Care

Mix half (½) teaspoon of black seed oil with one cup sweet lime juice or pineapple juice and take it twice a day for beautiful skin. Also apply topically to affected area. (Click here for more on Skin Care)

Joint Pain

Topically massage the joint with black seed oil. Only a small amount is needed. For knee pain half (½) teaspoon would be enough. Apply two (2) times daily for five (5) minutes. Additionally, consume half (½) teaspoon of Black Seed Oil with honey daily. (Click here for more on Joint Pain)

Hair Loss

Apply black seed oil on the dry scalp after shampooed hair and leave it for certain period for oil absorption into the hair follicles. It is also recommended that one (1) teaspoon of black seed ingestion is also helpful to maintain the overall health and even secondarily supports maintaining of the hair growth. (Click here for more on Hair Care)


Ten (10) drops of black seed oil and one teaspoonful of honey, mix with one glass of warm water can be effective to treat asthma. This preparation needs to be taken twice (2) daily for forty days to get a positive result.

Chest congestion and Cough

Mix a teaspoon of Black Seed Oil in boiling water and inhale the vapors twice a day. Along with this daily intake of a half (½) teaspoon of black seed oil in morning can also help to reduce a cough.

Nose Bleed

Bleeding from the nose can be stopped by adding two (2) drops of black seed oil in each nostril during hot summer days.


Black seed oil in combination with olive oil, calamus, and henna leaves provide a soothing effect in the case of a burn.


Add ten (10) drops of black seed oil and one teaspoon castor oil in lukewarm milk to treat constipation.

Blood Sugar

One (1) teaspoon of black seed oil mixed with one cup of black tea if taken twice daily for forty days can be helpful for lowering the blood sugar level for diabetic patients.


Take half (½) teaspoon Black Seed Oil with one cup orange juice in the morning for ten days.

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