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Black Seed Oil: Energy and Insomnia Sleep disorder
December 21, 2016 Vitalute Health

Today’s lifestyle is full of stressful activities, which affects health and wellbeing and results to persistent tiredness and fatigue. According to experts, around 10% of global population at a certain time may be suffering from fatigue or persistent tiredness. [1] Fatigue is a physical condition in which an individual faces difficulty in continuing regular physical activity. Though neglected to an extent, but chronic fatigue can affect individual’s performance and even it can lead to various serious ailments with the delay in recovery. [2]  As per the information obtained from the National Institutes of Health (NIH-USA), one in every five Americans faces a severe sense of fatigue that interferes their daily quality of life (QoL). Sleep deprivation is one of the major causes of fatigue. Both, sleep deprivation and chronic fatigue condition often leads to depression.

The current awareness of people towards health & wellbeing and the advent of modern medical science encourages the use of traditional medicine to fight against diseases. This is a better approach against drug resistance and to ensure safety. The introduction of black seed oil in novel therapeutic practice is one of such kind of approach, which is a perfect solution to avoid fatigue, sleep deficiency, including insomnia and depression.

Black Seed Oil Acts As A Energy Booster

“The Canon of Medicine,” a famous book written by Ibn Sina (980-1037) refers black seed able to stimulate the body’s energy and assists in recovery from fatigue or dispiritedness. [3] The energy boosting power of black seed is an unbeatable option to improve complete well-being including physical and mental health status. The improvement of body’s energy is an important factor to balance and maintain the harmony of a life.

Black seed oil energizes our immunity system and protects us from different aliments, which affect our physical health. Subsequently, black seed oil can boost strengthen our spiritual health and avert us to become depress frequently. Scientific research data also support that black seed oil is effective against fatigue and depression. [4] Thymoquinone present in black seed oil has preventive action against depressive behavior. Black seed oil also increase mental energy level and elevate mood by reducing anxiety by raising serotonin (a neurotransmitter acts as a natural mood stabilizer) level in the brain. [5]

Black Seed Oil Effective Against Sleep Disorder and/or Insomnia

Increased working hours is one of the primary causes of sleep deprivation and chronic reduction of sleep duration often augments mental stress. Both deprivations of sleep and increased mental pressure cause sleep disorder, including insomnia. Sleep deprivation often cause day time sleepiness and fatigue.  Chronic association of these conditions leads to impaired cognitive functioning, including focusing, decision making etc. [6] Adequate sleep and complete rest during sleep at night is demand of almost one-fourth to one-third of the general population and about 10 percent present chronic complaints about sleep disorder and seek medical help for insomnia. [7] Black seed oil is a good example of sleep inducer and effective to treat insomnia.  Regular black seed oil intake can aid to eradicate sleep disorders and provide better sleep and complete rest. [1] The possible mechanism of inducing sleep and prevent insomnia may due to capability of black seed oil to enhance acetylcholine in the brain during sleep cycle, as study result showed acetylcholine level is increased during sleep.[8, 9]  

All these benefits cumulatively provide more physical energy to perform work enthusiastically with great mental concentration to Black seed oil users. Additionally, sleep deprivation related problems such as memory impairment can also be solved with one solution i.e. using black seed oil. Better and restful sleep by using black seed oil can assist to consolidate memories. [6] Medical herbalist Kevin Spelman reported that capability of black seed oil to enhance acetylcholine in the brain also improve memory, specifically in elderly patients. [10]

Direction for Use

The following of proper direction is important to achieve natural remedial effect of black seed oil.

Those who are frequently feel fatigue during day time should take black seed oil with orange juice in the morning to maintain energy level, as this combination of oil and juice acts as energy tonic. [1]

Insomnia patients should take one teaspoon of black seed oil and one teaspoon of honey in warm milk one hour before going to sleep. Medical herbals therapist also suggest gentle massage with the black seed oil on the side of the head behind the eyes (temples) before sleep and switch off the lights is also effective to get sleep easily. [1]

Black seed oil users for treating insomnia has to follow some precautionary measures, which include have a light dinner, avoid sugar rich food items just before bedtime, [1] and maintain early bed time.


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